Miss Cassie

Miss Cassie started Calisthenics with Fraser Coast as a Sub-Junior in 1990. Since then she has competed in every age group and coached a recreational team with Fraser Coast in 2002. Miss Cassie moved on from Fraser Coast in 2003 and has re-joined our team for 2019.

Cali Highlights:

- Competing in the QLD State Team

- Starting a club at Rainbow Beach in 2004

- Continuing the club after children in 2010 

- Junior and Intermediate Cali Spectacular

Best Memories:

- Cali Camps

- Working with Miss Cathy

Our Level One Team Coaches


Miss Karen

Member of Fraser Coast Calisthenics since 1990.

Miss Karen started calisthenics as a preschooler and has competed in and coached every section from Tinies to Seniors over the last 29 years.

Cali Highlights: 
- Competing in the QLD State Team as a Junior, Intermediate and Senior. 
- Being one of the first QLD Junior Graceful Girl representatives at the National Championships.

Best Memories: 
- Watching her coach's face when she finally achieved the splits 
- Seeing the look of excitement on any 'newbie's' face after performing on stage for the first time.

Favourite Cali item: Clubs


Our Committee

President: Jenny Lamont

Vice President - Michaela Davis

Secretary: Tara Nuttall

Treasurer: Kristie Gilmore

Costume Coordinator: Kaye Suter